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The Decline Of Charter Airlines

Sat Jan 08, 2005 11:16 pm

Here in the UK, the charter airlines are seeing a decline in business as more and more no-frills airlines muscle in on the sun and sea destinations that used to be the preserve of the holiday airlines.

The charter airlines have reduced service levels and eliminated free in-flight meals in an effort to compete but by doing so there is now little to differentiate between them and the low-cost carriers.

Over the years the likes of Air Europe, Orion airways and Air 2000 did much to improve the image of the charter airline, they invested in new aircraft, provided better meals etc and now the airlines are reducing service to a minimum and I think its a shame.

Anyone else hanker after the days of Orion and Air 2000 where we had boiled sweets on take-off, hot towels and all the extras which made the start and end of your holiday to the sun really memorable?