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Just Had My 1st Flight In A Private Plane!

Thu Mar 23, 2000 6:31 am

This was the most fun thing I've ever done! Rode in a Piper Cherokee 180. Nothing special, just tooled around ofer the Finger Lakes of Western New York. It was so beautiful and exhilerating... Pilot let me take the yoke, and I learned firsthand the difficulty of keeping on a steady heading at a steady altitude. I did not want to return to earth again, except to experience the landing.

I'm going to start taking flight lessons now. I don't have a ton of money and I may never get my license, but it'll be worth it just to be up there!

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RE: Just Had My 1st Flight In A Private Plane!

Thu Mar 23, 2000 6:51 am

That's great LHMark! I got a private about 9 years ago and loved every minute of flying I've ever done. Have flown 152, 172, Piper Warrior, Piper Cherokee. Haven't flown in 4 years though, I stay busy with other things. But every time I go by the airport I always start talking about getting back into flying. If you really stay at it, study hard, fly lots and just make the license a goal and a priority, you can get it in about 6 months. I went to a college that had a flight program and was able to focus and get mine in 6 months. Just remember, when you get your license, it is a license to learn. I've flown in some windy conditions and also some low visibility and have learned invaluable lessons on when to go or no go according to my own experience level.

Enjoy your flying lessons!
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RE: Just Had My 1st Flight In A Private Plane!

Thu Mar 23, 2000 10:31 am

Some advice.... gat a good instructor. From my personal observations there are good and bad things about differnt kinds. My instructor is a true professional. He is a cpmmercial pilot with a CFI,II. He is a captain with the Civil Air Patrol and teaches flying at a new york high school. I like knowing that there are thousands of hrs sitting next to we when I do stall training. Good luck and have fun!!!!