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JAT News

Thu Mar 23, 2000 12:43 pm

i just found out that yugoslav carrier JAT is starting its operations to the rest of europe from 26 march
the plan is:
26 march-Frankfurt,Vienna
28 march-Düsseldorf,London
29 march-Berlin,Athens,Thessaloniki
30 march-Paris,Prague
1 april-Trieste,Amsterdam
2 april-Copenhagen,Stockholm,Malmö

Jat also announced that they will recive it s first A319 in january 2001 and they also ordered 8 A318

JAT is now operating 22 off their planes since 10 (2 ATR-72, 5 B 727-700 and 3 Dc-9-32)
had been leased to other airlines.

it will be great to see JAT tails in the air again
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RE: JAT News

Thu Mar 23, 2000 1:55 pm

I heard that EU has temporarily lifted flight sanctions against Yugoslavia. From what I heard, it is for a six month period. I'm assuming, it things go well in and the Yugo army doesn't get into a shootout with NATO, this could easily be extended indefinitely.
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RE: JAT News

Fri Mar 24, 2000 4:24 am

What about GOT they said that they are going to resume flights to Gothenburg to.