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Is US Airways Now A Safety Concern?

Tue Jan 11, 2005 7:51 am

Since there has been new speculation that You Ess Errorways will cease operations this week pending an ATSB extension, are there now risks of oversight, sabotage and apathy of safety at the errorline? I'm sure it would not be beyond a handful of employees to have complete disregard for the safety of the flying public. Two years ago, I really enjoyed flying with US and will miss their livery. However, in the current situation, I certainly would not let anybody I love fly on them!
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RE: Is US Airways Now A Safety Concern?

Tue Jan 11, 2005 10:11 am

I think we will find that US Airways employees will not jeopardize safety because of sour grapes. Some may be rude, angry, depressed, etc. but I find it hard to believe that they would do something to put people's lives in danger.

Now, I wouldn't be surprised if they take a few souvenirs home with them...
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RE: Is US Airways Now A Safety Concern?

Tue Jan 11, 2005 6:09 pm

ShyFlyer is correct.
If the handwriting is on the wall and it is a foregone conclusion and everyone knows it, then flying on USAirways will NOT be a pleasant experience. You will see everything from sadness to depression to anger and in some cases, denial. A lot of emotion.

With that said, these people are professionals. They will not compromise safety for sour grapes. They will do their FAA standard safety protocols plus those in place by the airline; those are common practice and have been used for some time. I do agree that a lot of things will start to go missing (souvenirs), and we will be able to buy them on eBay, but do not be concerned about your safety.

Your comfort and service, well, that may be another matter. Again, we are talking about aircraft safety and noone will compromise that. Ever.

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RE: Is US Airways Now A Safety Concern?

Tue Jan 11, 2005 6:17 pm

Anyone remember the USAir skit SNL did a few years back when they had some major problems?

Very funny.

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RE: Is US Airways Now A Safety Concern?

Tue Jan 11, 2005 6:32 pm

The FAA has specific guidance for their POI's (Principal Operations Inspectors) for just this situation. Because of the snafus over the holidays, Mineta has already ordered stepped up surveillance.

361. GENERAL. This section contains information and
guidance to be used by Flight Standards managers and
inspectors when conducting surveillance of operators during
periods of strike, labor unrest, and financial stress. During
these periods, Flight Standards Service (AFS) may decide
that the public interest requires an increased level of surveillance
of specific operators.
A. Reporting Safety Concerns. The Flight Standards
Safety Analysis Information Center (FSAIC) maintains a
system to analyze financial data reported to the Department
of Transportation by 14 CFR part 121 operators. Regional
Flight Standards Division (RFSD) managers, Certificate
Holding District Office (CHDO) managers, and principal
operations inspectors (POI’s) must also be alert to events
which raise questions about an operator’s ability to safely
conduct operations. Information may appear in normal
surveillance reports, reports from the public, or reports from
responsible sources. When managers or POI’s become
concerned about an operator’s ability to safely conduct operations,
they shall notify the RFSD manager. When a
part 121 operator is involved, the RFSD manager or their
designated representative shall notify the FSAIC.
B. Initiation of Increased Surveillance. The POI’s, the
CHDO managers, and the RFSD managers, in conjunction
and concurrence with FSAIC, are responsible for initiating
increased levels of surveillance of part 121 operators. RFSD
managers are responsible for increasing the level of surveillance
of part 135 operators. Principal inspectors should
notify the FSAIC through the regional office when additional
surveillance or targeted inspections are deemed necessary
for a particular part 121 air carrier. When an RFSD
manager initiates increased surveillance of a part 135 operator,
the RFSD manager shall notify the FSAIC.
C. Surveillance Plan. When the FSAIC or the RFSD
manager decides to initiate a program of increased surveillance,
the RFSD and the CHDO must then develop the
surveillance program in conjunction with the FSAIC prior to
the implementation of the plan. The details of the surveillance
plan should include advanced statistical analysis
provided by the FSAIC, specified work activities to be
accomplished within the geographic environment, guidance
for accomplishing the surveillance program, and a timeframe
for completing and tracking the surveillance program.
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