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Best Seat On Fokker 100

Tue Jan 11, 2005 11:31 pm

Hi to everybody.
I need some help in choosing the best place on board of an Alpi Eagles Fokker 100, configured with 94 seats.
So the problem is that I'd like to seat in the aft part of the cabin so I could hear the engine sound. But I don't know if there is some windows obscured by the nacelle. So can somebody suggest me the aftermost place with clear window. Or an internet site where I colud see the seat map?
Thanks in advance.
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RE: Best Seat On Fokker 100

Wed Jan 12, 2005 12:23 am


That's the link to their website, i didn't manage to check if they have their seat plans on-line though.

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RE: Best Seat On Fokker 100

Wed Jan 12, 2005 12:54 am

1A on the Flight West F100s was pretty comfortable.

I think I ventured back only once to have a look at the Tays (and the traling edge for that matter too) but I can't remember the row (probably not relevant anyway as the Flight West F100s has 16 Business class seats up front and whatever down the back).

Here's the interior of the Alliance F100s :

appears to be unchanged from the Flight West config.
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