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DL First Class Food Service

Wed Jan 12, 2005 11:03 am

So I was just wondering what is up with DL's first class food service on transatlantic flights? I have flown roundtrip to PDX (connecting in CVG both ways) and LAD (connecting in ATL both ways) and while the food wasnt bad, there was no option and the portion size left something to be desired on a 3 or 4 hour flight. Coming from LAX, we got a breakfast quesadilla that was actually very good. PDX provided a dry omelet. Going both ways was a bowl of chicken with rice, which seems to be the standard dinner service on DL. AA offers 2 choices on flights such as DFW-DCA and NW (flew last March) gave 2 choices from MEM to DCA. What's up with DL???? Will this change with the new strategy???
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RE: DL First Class Food Service

Wed Jan 12, 2005 11:26 am

Delta has no transatlantic first class service.

They do, however, offer a hybrid Business-First class service on flights to Europe; this is called BusinessElite. This may be why you didn't have First Class service across the Atlantic.

Delta BusinessElite meals generally feature five-course meals, each course served independently of one another. Meanwhile, on late-night eastbound departures (those leaving after 9pm), the food is the same but service is curtailed so that pax may sleep longer. Here, some courses are combined onto one tray. This happens on the late-night Atlanta departure to London (DL10), and any others that leavea fter this time.

As far as portions go, they're tailored long before departure...

Meanwhile, you can gain insight into specific transatlantic BusinessElite menus by checking Delta's website.

Unless, of course, you meant transcontinental flights, and you didn't mean Luanda, Angola.


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RE: DL First Class Food Service

Wed Jan 12, 2005 11:37 am

By LAD I meant LAX - Typo. It was all domestic. Flights from ATL were in First....CVG were business.
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RE: DL First Class Food Service

Wed Jan 12, 2005 11:54 am

BizE food is good IMHO. The choices usually are a beef, a chicken, a veggie/pasta, or a seafood. Sometimes you see lamb or such in there.

I've always liked it. I've had 8 BizE legs transatlantic.


Domestically, DL leaves a little to be desired. Their food is good, just they don't have a choice on meal service. Almost all FC meals for domestic flights are (goodness, I think I can name all of them...) chicken somethings. I know for sure AA and NW have choices, that makes a big difference.

(Just flew F/C GRR-MSP-LAX on NW had my first 757-300 ride and an excellent flight. Great job NW. Now the IFE.....)
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RE: DL First Class Food Service

Wed Jan 12, 2005 3:31 pm

I suppose Bustraveler meant transcontinental instead of transatlantic given the context. I wouldn't call the meal service luxurious but it's certainly not bad, either. And I suspect it's always chicken because that's probably what most people will eat; a lot of folks won't eat beef or veal or lamb or fish or...

The breakfasts on DFW-BOS have been very nice, although that route is ending in about two-and-a-half weeks, unfortunately. I'll miss DL 1181 and DL 752.