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Drug Test Failures And Airlines

Wed Jan 12, 2005 12:02 pm

We have an instructor at our Flight School who has failed one of the random drug screens for Pot. I am not sure how he is still working there (I guess management likes him for whatever reason) He claims it is because he was at a party..second hand smoke yada yada yada..I know that is BS as I have a close friend in the Drug Testing industry. Since this is an FAA mandated drug screening, I believe the positive results of the test get sent to the FAA directly from the testing facility. As the cherry on the Sunday of this guys character, he has also been arrested but nobody knows what for (DUI is suspected, based on how he drinks in social situations) Here are my questions:
1. Do these drug test results actually get sent directly to the FAA and does this go on his record?
2. Is he required to notify his FAA Medical Examiner?
3. Is this guys career screwed? Will an airline EVER hire him? Will this follow him forever?
4. If they do hire him, do they actually ever believe the second hand smoke story?
5. Does the Flight School, who obviously knows about the test failure, HAVE to fire him? I know that they SHOULD, but do they have to?

Thanks for the information.
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RE: Drug Test Failures And Airlines

Wed Jan 12, 2005 12:09 pm

Well, i don't know much about whatever random drugtests your flight school administers. But i know at SWA if an employee tests positive for drugs (and they are not perscribed), or even refuses a random drug test, they are fired without question, and the union cannot do anything about that at all. They will also most likely not ever be hired by a part-121 operator again.
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RE: Drug Test Failures And Airlines

Wed Jan 12, 2005 11:41 pm

People think they can beat these tests by substituting samples, etc. Wrong. Some companies actually observe you "donating" your sample, so no fooling there. Also, last I heard, the industry was moving toward hair samples versus urine, so no chance of hiding anything anymore. Persoanlly, I hope they move to hair tests, as they can test back much farther.

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