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~ The Wild West ~

Thu Jan 21, 1999 4:35 pm

With every airline scambleing to take advantage of
the over populization of the West Coast of the US.
I offer up this opinon. With California being the most
populated state in the US, it offers allot of airline revenue!
Many of the airlines now are seeing this and are flocking
to buy eachother out to get the revenue before the others
do. Well I think Southwest did that and others like United
Shuttle,Alaska,AmericaWest,RenoAir/American want a
piece of that same pie. With the west coast being a revenue
maker I think only the strong will survive. I think if the UAL
America West deal will go through and United will become
a "power house" in the west coast market. Where does this
leave American,Alaska? Well you can see it now! If the UAL
AW deal goes through I wouldn't be suprised if American went
after Alaska and bought out Aero California. Where does this
leave the others like Southwest,WinAir,Frontier,Coast Airlines
Northworst,Continental,TWA ect...? We will c !

PS American is supposed to finalize everything with
Reno Air by out by March 31 of this year.
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RE: ~ The Wild West ~

Fri Jan 22, 1999 11:08 am

HELLO?!? United is already #1 in the west by a lot!!! The Am West merger will only strengthen United's position and give them planes to fuel the Dulles expansion!