B777 performance after 3 years

Thu Jan 21, 1999 5:38 pm

I would like to know if the triple 7 has kept up with the expectations put on it when it was designed. Are airlines and passangers happy with the new airliner?

I have heard that the plane suffers from a fuel comsumption degradation after a couple of years flying.

After 3 years flying , what are the statistics regarding fuel compsumtion, reliability, maintenance costs, safety issues..? And compared to its rivals, the A330-340?

And, are there any websites with regulary updated information on the triple 7 (besides boeing's, of course)with statistics on all these issues?

Thanks in advance for the answers!
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RE: B777 performance after 3 years

Fri Jan 22, 1999 1:06 am

The 777 is doing fine after three years of performance. Most if not all the airlines are satisfied with the performance they have received from their machines. Cathay Pacific is the only complaint I have heard about. They are not sure if the 777-200 fits their fleet plan. They love the 777-300 though.
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RE: B777 performance after 3 years

Fri Jan 22, 1999 6:29 pm

Didn´t they know the tech specifications of the 777-200 before ordering it?

What about the fuel compsumtion degradation I've heard. Does anybody know how important the problem is?

Again, does anybody know of a website with regularly updated information on the 777, besides boeing's?

Thanks for the information cx!
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RE: B777 performance after 3 years

Sat Jan 23, 1999 3:02 am

A week or so ago, I started a thread on BA's 777 engine selection, and one respondent said the GE90's fuel consumption was higher than expected. To be
fair, this was just one answer, and I would also be interested in details.

I talked with a United engineer last Nov. and he said the aircraft was fine. Most
of the problems they had were in the cabin -- the entertainment system and the seats. The old seats were made in France by Sicma and have been replaced by
designs by Rumbold, a British company. (not meaning to start an international incident).
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