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Swissair-Sabena And Qualiflyer

Fri Mar 24, 2000 4:40 pm

Although it was reported on this forum yesterday, Swissair and the Belgian minister for governement companies (responsible for sabena) deny that their is an agreement about Swissair taking 100% in Sabena. They said the agreement is not to be expected within the first coming weeks. The Swiss first have to vote for the transport agreement between the EU and Switserland.
The fact that their is no real agreement yet does not mean that it is unlikely that Swissair will take 100% in Sabena. This is very likely.

Yesterday, some people reacted against Swissair taking stakes in different airlines. They called the Qualiflyer Group a toy for Swissair. I don't think this us true. Swissair is a very well know company with a very good reputation although the home-market of Swissair is very small (Switserland has only about 7 million inhabitants). The only way Swissair can grow is by having agreements with different carriers in Europse who serve other markets. Most important for Swissair are the French and Italian markets. Swissair wants to be sure about the future of the agreement and that is why they buy stakes in different companies. And just have a look to what happened with Sabena. Swissair has done a very good job and I don't think one should fear about his favourite company when Swissair has a stake in it.