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TWA Orders

Sat Mar 25, 2000 5:48 am

Did Trans World ever get around to ordering those 757-300's ?
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RE: TWA Orders

Sat Mar 25, 2000 5:52 am

I dont know why anybody would want a 757-300, it duplicates the capacity and range of a 767. I have been puzzled ever since the -300 came out as to where they thought it would fit in fleets. Why would they compete with themselves and build something they basically already sell.

TWA recently did place a large order for the 717-200 that will undoubtedly augment their already large MD-80 fleet which gained 34 a/c (the last of the new MD-80s) in 1999.
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RE: TWA Orders - Why The 757-300?...because...

Sat Mar 25, 2000 9:10 am

The 757-300 is cheaper (by some 30 million at list prices) and has less range. I don't believe the 767-200 is offered anymore, and that just the -200ER version is available. The range difference is rather large as well, the 767-200ER can go 7600 miles, while the 757-300 only goes about 4000 miles. The 757-300 is also cheaper to operate.

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RE: TWA Orders

Sat Mar 25, 2000 7:42 pm

TWA has not made an major orders lately nor has it ordered any 757-300. It has leased 2 additional 767-300ER aircraft and is looking at acquiring 3 more (ex-Aeromexico). They continue to shed 767-200's as they can get deals on 767-300er's with PW engines.

Boeing still makes the 767-200 however no one has ordered one in quite a while.