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MIA Ready To Handle "Super Jumbo Jet"...

Thu Jan 20, 2005 5:45 am

As the title read, just read a very interesting news clipping courtesy of NBC6.NET here in MIAMI, apparently MIA is ready or about ready to be able to handle the beast that is the A380.

Considering VS, LH and AF have shown interest in flying the A380 to MIA....this article definetly supports the work being done at MIA.

Here is an interesting clip from the Article:

"The Miami airport is equipped and ready to handle an airplane like this right now or close to it," aviation consultant Stuart Klaskin said. "Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach airports aren't really prepared to handle the infrastructure requirements."

About 750 A380s are expected to be sold and 14 airlines have already placed orders.

"Airbus believes that long-haul mass transportation will continue to grow in the future," Klaskin said.

The A380's first test flight is in March. The first commercial flight by Singapore Airlines will come early next year.

Initially, the A380 will be used almost exclusively for long-haul international flights. Analysts believe in a few years, it could be flown domestically by low-cost carriers on busy routes like Miami to New York.
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