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Former USAir Routes Out Of CVG

Thu Jan 20, 2005 6:47 am

After reading a thread regarding USAir Express flights (, one of them being CVG-DAY (ex PI route, I assume) I began thinking of Terminal 1 at CVG. For those you whom are unfamiliar with the layout, US has upper level gates at the end of the ground level terminal. These have long been abandoned for as long as I can remember, but the upper level (much more modern gates) is clearly a later edition to the terminal, which gave US the infastructure to run a decent operation out of Terminal 1. I estimate they had around 7-8 gates at one time, what routes did they fly? Were these additional gates/routes ex PI and dropped or did DL just run US out of town only leaving hub flights left?

Thanks for any infromation in advance, RockyRacoon