Sun Mar 26, 2000 2:09 am

Could someone enlighten me on what Swabena is? Twice I have heard something about Swissair/Sabena and maybe I'm just ouot of the newswire. What is going on?
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RE: Swabena

Sun Mar 26, 2000 2:25 am

It is from what i know: that Swissair and sabena maybe shall merger into one big airline, and Swabena is a name the may will use. please correct me if i'm wrong

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RE: Swabena

Sun Mar 26, 2000 2:59 am

NO WAY. NO SR or SN employee will accept that.

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RE: Swabena

Sun Mar 26, 2000 3:04 am

uhh... what kind of name is "swabena" for an airline, if there were an airline called that and i had never heard of its origins, i would not fly it, if the merger comes, it should be called something like "swiss-belgium world airways" or something like that, not "swabena"
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RE: Swabena

Sun Mar 26, 2000 3:27 am

Sabena and Swissair --> Swabena!?!?!! No way. If I heard Swabena without knowing anything about aviation, I would think it's the airline of some African country for example.

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RE: Swabena

Mon Mar 27, 2000 1:17 am

This term was basically spewed forth by something that unfortunately seems to have been dominating this forum lately. That something is called imagination.

No offence, but it strikes me how a lot of people seem to think they know a lot about certain inside matters, while they in fact make a pretty clueless impression. Or at least they try to convince themselves of the fact that they do know certain things, by coming up with incorrect information. Somewhat like seeing something in a dream, only to wake up thinking it is reality.

Not unlike some other forum users who have uttered their dismay in a couple of threads, I too hunger for the days we could all turn to this forum in search for informative posts with a decent background. This is what it was like only months ago.

That's just my humble opinion - FAIW.

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RE: Swabena

Mon Mar 27, 2000 4:58 am

Tristar is right boys, I mean, Swabena appeared already a few times on this forum, but at that moment you should have understood it as a joke. Sabena and Swissair have no intention at the moment to change their identity because of the merger. Psychologically Swissair nor Sabena is ready to give up their name or everything connected to their identity.
A few days ago someone posted a messages on this forum that their would be an agreement between Sabena and Swissair about the latter taking a 100% stake in the former. This news is at the moment still unconfirmed. Both the Belgian minister and Swissair denied that their was such an agreement. So, no Swabena yet and believe me, Swabena will never happen.