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KE Summer Schedule

Sat Jan 22, 2005 10:56 pm

Not published officially but through website I found some noticeable changes.

AMS : from Mar 28, 0/W->3/W with A332
last year ICN-ZHR-AMS-ICN operated 1/W (2 more ICN-ZRH-ICN), now separated
ZHR : from Mar 28, 2/W->3/W with A332
CDG : from Mar 27, 5/W->daily with B744, seasonally increased
SVO : from Jun 1, 3/W->5/W with A332. seems seasonally increased
LED : from Apr 26, resume 2/W

AKL : from Mar 27, daily->5/W and B744->B772, but OZ will suspend this route, maybe some change gonna happen
SYD : from Mar 27, B744->B772,
SYD->ICN is overnight(1940->0450+1), but from Jun 1, it will be changed to "day" flight(0820->1740)

SFO : from Mar 27, 5/W->4/W
ORD : from Mar 27, 6/W->daily

And travel agencies' web news site(www.traveltimes.co.kr only Korean available) says KE will start to SEA this May, OZ will start ORD this year, but we'll see.
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RE: KE Summer Schedule

Sun Jan 23, 2005 1:22 am

I'm quite sure that also FCO will be increased from 3/W to 5/W during 2/3 months between July and September '05 as KE made during summer '04.
These extra flights (2 of 5) were regularly scheduled in KE timetable but with a strange number (something like KE 6927/6928 instead of the usual KE 927/928).
I think that also MAD 'll see scheduled flights to SEL in the next summer timetable. Probably now it's again too early to find all these flights. For example FCO extra flights of summer '04 were loaded only 1 month before they started.

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RE: KE Summer Schedule

Sun Jan 23, 2005 2:03 am

Will the KE 743 remain in the KE fleet? If yes, for how long. Does it still fly ICN-BKK vv. and a weekly SEL-TYO vv.?
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