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OS Launches Silverticket

Mon Jan 24, 2005 10:46 pm

Silverticket – Business Class service at an Economy fare

With immediate effect, passengers who pay our highest Economy Class fare will also be able to enjoy our Business Class service benefits – if you wish!

When booking this fare, you’ll have the opportunity to choose in the course of the booking process whether you wish to continue travelling Economy Class as before – if the travel guidelines of your organisation require this, for example. Alternatively, you can now book a Silverticket to enable you to travel Business Class, so benefiting from the following additional services at the same Economy Class fare:

Advance seat reservation
Business Class mileage
Free meal and drinks on board
Access to exclusive lounge area
Accelerated check-in and security controls
Rebook free of charge
Greater seat comfort

Source: www.aua.com
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RE: OS Launches Silverticket

Mon Jan 24, 2005 10:59 pm

Great idea. Business is only a few bucks more than the most flexible Economy fare, sometimes even significantly less!

...wish to continue travelling Economy Class as before– if the travel guidelines of your organisation require this...
Wow, I for my part would be so annoyed at my company if I had to travel Economy NO MATTER what!
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RE: OS Launches Silverticket

Tue Jan 25, 2005 1:31 am

this is more or less just a marketing gag. be happy that you didnt have to follow an ugly discussion here (banana republic) about finance minister (banana joe) flying with his girl (banana jane) eco to maledives with a free upgrade to biz. OS (banana airlines) reacted with this silver ticket. the most flexible eco class is nearly at all times more expensive than the cheapest biz class, on european routes.

muuch more interesting is that OS will feature an online booking site in the style of LCC. the cheapest fares for the travel date in a period of 21 days will be showed.

OS is ever more becoming an expensive no frills carrier...
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RE: OS Launches Silverticket

Tue Jan 25, 2005 2:03 am

Full press release: http://www.aua.com/at/eng/Austrian/news/Press+Archive/default.htm?artGuid={B181ED33-99D4-4A57-B559-59B62A2B5F19}

It doesn't make much sense to me just yet. What they're doing is scrapping unrestricted Y-class fares and selling C-class for the price of those unrestricted Y-fares. The outcome?
1. Pax that used to fly Y will now pay the same amount of money and fly C, but the cost of carrying pax in C is higher.
2. Pax that used to pay more for C will know pay less. I've looked fares and availability up for tomorrow on different routes and I could book silverticket fares. Sure looks like yields will be hit hard. (The press release does mention, however, that OS "fully expect to sell in Europe around 200,000 silvertickets in 2005." Maybe since tomorrow is a Tuesday it is possible to book silverticket, but there actually is a cap on number of seats sold under this fare.)
3. If there is a limit to the number of seats sold, what will pax that have a corporate policy of flying Y (fully flexible, of course) do if the fare is sold out? My guess is they will take a different airline.

We'll see..

do you really think this move has something to do with the minister? Hmmm...