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Are Trade Winds Very Weak Right Now?

Wed Jan 26, 2005 10:44 am

This is pretty much a straight question. The reason I ask this is that I have been checking schedules at NRT and KIX and I find that many of the flights from NA to Japan is ahead of schedule right now but they push back on time. I reckon that airlines schedule trans-pac flights with about 30 minutes extra time for taxi, line-ups, etc. but when limiting it to JL, many of their routes are early than scheduled. Flights from LAS, SFO, LAX, JFK, YVR are all ahead of schedule. When limiting one YVR flight, it departed quite late, yet its still due to arrive in NRT about 50 minutes ahead of schedule.

Does this happen frequently? I've never paid attention really to this but its been happening for a week or so.

Thanks in advance.
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