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Wedding In An Airport: NGO

Fri Jan 28, 2005 1:03 pm

I was snooping aroung the Chubu airport homepage and came across a link for "Wedding Ceremonies"! http://www.centrair.jp/virtual/bridal.html(Japanese only)

That is right not only can you fly into the new Chubu airport...but get married there too!

Bridal services, called "AirCity Wedding" include:
  • Wedding ceremony in the center pier garden/atrium.

  • Dress rental

  • Reception at the center pier "View" restaurant (4 star French restaurant at the end of the center pier...180 degree view of the runway seating 250 people)

  • Honeymoon services also available.

  • Wedding bookings started in August and are booked through the year.

  • Imagine a spotter getting married there!

    "Now let's welcome the new Bride and Groom"
    Bride: Honey I love you.
    Groom: I love ...OOOOH HONEY CHECK OUT THAT...Its a TG A330 in special livery. Got to get a picture!
    Bride: The camera is for photographing your friends and family on OUR BIG DAY! You promised NO AIRPLANE PHOTOS TODAY.
    Groom: But honey....ITS IN SPECIAL LIVERY. MUST....TAKE...PHOTO. Be just a minute. Wait here."
    Groom runs across room and takes picture of plane... leaving his bride at the door to the restaurant. Groom takes fantastic photo which appears on Top of yesterday on A.net.

    Are there any other airports with complete wedding/bridal services?
    Yes...I am not a KIX fan. Let's Japanese Aviation!
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    RE: Wedding In An Airport: NGO

    Fri Jan 28, 2005 8:25 pm

    I know that you also can get married at the Nikko Kansai Airport Hotel at Kansai Airport!.....But This is not arranged by KIX!, although it is kind of on KIX airport!

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    RE: Wedding In An Airport: NGO

    Fri Jan 28, 2005 9:21 pm

    Centrair - I cannot locate any UK airport that offers the wedding license operation as such (although some may do) except maybe the old terminal for "Croydon London Airport".

    According to - http://www.weddingvenues.com/index.php - the "Airport House" being the former terminal for the old airport which operated from about 1915 to 1959 has such a facility.

    The reason I reply to you is that ironically on Wednesday just gone I had a drink in the "Airport House", now a business/restaurant/bar facility, during a business trip.

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