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Change Of Routes Question

Mon Mar 27, 2000 1:43 pm

I want to know why I see that sometimes the airplanes change his routes!?
That's my history:
Every day I saw all the planes that came to SJU(puerto rico)and pass above my house.And always is the same route when arrival.
In departure never the planes pass above my house.They always travel above the ocean(I know tat beacause I 've been in the airport)
And they often pass avobe my house in departure...
And that's my question:Why tha planes sometimes change his routes???????
Thanks in Advance!!!!!!!!
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RE: Change Of Routes Question

Mon Mar 27, 2000 1:51 pm

It is not really a choice of the pilot most of the time. These arrival and departures are detrimined by the aircraft (runway needed), air traffic control, winds, time of day, relative location, ...

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