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L-1011 Questions (TWA And ATA)

Fri Feb 04, 2005 1:45 am

Back in the late 80's (pretty sure) I was waiting to pick-up a family member at the gate in IND when an ATA L-1011 went rolling by, this aircraft had the TWA red stripes but ATA lettering. Obviously ATA had obtained from TWA I presume. Where did the ATA L-1011's come from? Was ATA the original owner on any of them? I believe they currently have 4, how many total did they ever operate? Finally, are these aircraft eventually all headed for scrap? What a great plane, will miss seeing them when they are gone. Also, I don't believe any of the L-1011 will have the new livery painted on, is this correct? Any info is greatly appreciated.
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RE: L-1011 Questions (TWA And ATA)

Fri Feb 04, 2005 1:53 am

You'll have to do a little digging through this list to find out the specifics regarding the origins of ATA's 1011 fleet, but you should find it well worth your while:

The entire website is a wealth of 1011 information.

The L-1011 was a great airplane, loaded with advanced (for the day) technology), and flight crews loved it.

And, seeing that my dad was a contracts administrator for Lockheed for 30-odd years, on the 1011 project with Delta, ANA, Saudia, Court Line and others, it kept food on our table for many years.

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RE: L-1011 Questions (TWA And ATA)

Fri Feb 04, 2005 3:29 am

Interesting list Tom. Thanks for the link.