Crash?? and pilots and FAs

Fri Jan 22, 1999 1:23 pm

#1Today as i walked it to the social studies class the tv was on with no sound and there was a south west 737 landing and then there was a sing that said FATAL CRASH and they hilighted the city of albercerky new mexico [ spelling]. Was there a south west crash?

#2 when ual or aa or what ever airline buys awa will the pilots and the FAs fly for the airline that buys america west or be put out of work? well thats it thank you.
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RE: Crash?? and pilots and FAs

Fri Jan 22, 1999 2:14 pm

Can answer #1 by saying that Southwest has never had a fatal crash. Since the day they started flying, no passengers have been killed for any reason on any of their flights.

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