Why'd Qantas Pull Out Of Kuala Lumpur?

Wed Mar 29, 2000 5:15 am

I have seen some past posts in this forum about how QF is stopping service to Kuala Lumpur, forcing passengers to now go through SIN, as MAS 777 lamented so nicely! I don't know about Ansett, though. Frankly, if I were a passenger going from Australia to KUL, that'd be a joke! KUL and SIN are no more than 45-60 min.(?) apart by air!

Why did Qantas stop serving KUL in the first place!? Just a matter of unprofitability? I'm not so sure. But the good news is that, according to MAS 777 in his post, Malaysia Airlines is increasing service from KUL to Australian destinations.
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RE: Why'd Qantas Pull Out Of Kuala Lumpur?

Wed Mar 29, 2000 8:07 pm

You know,

MAS effectively has a monopoly on AUS-Malaysia services and keeps on piling them on and noone is doing anything about it. Lauda is so small they're not worth worrying about. From what I've heard, Malaysia is the fastest to recover from the Asian Financial Crisis of '97.

Ansett & Qantas, where are you? Especially AN, get some new/more planes damn it.



RE: Why'd Qantas Pull Out Of Kuala Lumpur?

Thu Mar 30, 2000 1:55 am

There's been quite a few termination of services. I believe Qantas pulled out of Seoul not so long ago (Ansett taken that one over?). And BA apparently quit Jakarta some time ago.

I'd love to try Ansett some time, their adverts make them seem like the Emirates of Australia. I flew Qantas from London to Singapore and Jakarta to Sydney. The service seemed fine, although when you've flown Singapore, Thai and Emirates, nothing seems that good anymore!!

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RE: Why'd Qantas Pull Out Of Kuala Lumpur?

Thu Mar 30, 2000 6:25 am


I've been asking the same question for many years (since 1984 in fact). Qantas and Ansett (although I can't blame Ansett as they appeared on the market quite late and perhaps found it quite difficult to market themselves against MAS) have both just 'given up' on their routes into Malaysia.

I remember Qantas does actually hold licences to fly into Kuala Lumpur and one other Malaysian port. It seems SO odd that QF couldn't even manage to keep a 767 MEL-SYD-KUL service. They could have even started a service into Penang which would actually suit OneWorld well (CX currently operates this for OneWorld daily by A340)

My suggestions to Qantas (and they DO have a copy somewhere in their suggestion box - although I expect its been through the shredder already):

1. BA and QF should not have switched their LHR-KUL-SYD service (which should have gone daily) to SIN.

2. Now that the above has been done - Switch the daily QF10/QF9 SYD-MEL-LHR service from SIN to KUL. Keep the BA services from SYD and BNE running through SIN. QF already has enough SYD-MEL-SIN services daily to cope with one 744 being redirected through KUL.

3. QF should start a 767 PER-KUL-BKK service as both Asian cities lack good connections with PER.

4. QF really ought to compete with MAS on the Brisbane route too and although load factors may be thinner, having flown on a virtually empty BA 744 to SIN recently - this could be off-set by flying a 767 BNE-SIN-KUL or BNE-KUL-BKK.