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Comet 4 Service

Wed Mar 29, 2000 9:14 am

Does anyone know if any version of the Comet 4 was used on Trans-Atlantic service? Or did it arrive too late and was beaten out by the 707/DC-8/VC-10? Also, if it was used, which airline used it (Besides BOAC...) Thanks in advance...
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RE: Comet 4 Service

Wed Mar 29, 2000 9:37 am

I am pretty sure that the Comet-4 did see Transatlantic service with BEA/BOAC. Mexicana also had a few Comet-4s that must have flown t/a from Mexico to Europe.

The Comet-4 however found its niche with Dan-Air as a second tier operator well into the late 70s, I believe they snapped up most of the airworthy Comet-4s as they became available. Other Comet-4s were operated by MEA in the Middle East and by East-African.

The Comet is one of my favorite a/c, beautiful graceful lines if not a bit cramped inside compared to its competitors.
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RE: Comet 4 Service

Wed Mar 29, 2000 10:10 am

BOAC started London-NY with the Comet 4 in October 1958-- I think they made two or three round trips before Pan Am started their 707-120's. As I recall they withdrew it from the North Atlantic about two years later, except perhaps for a few flights into Prestwick or someplace.

Has Mexicana ever flown transatlantic? In any case I seriously doubt they ever flew Comet 4C's across.
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RE: Comet 4 Service

Wed Mar 29, 2000 10:23 am

I have flown on the Comet 4B on both BEA and Olympic, although not trans-Atlantic.

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RE: Comet 4 Service

Wed Mar 29, 2000 10:41 am

Aerolineas Argentinas used their Comets on flights to LHR and Europe.