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Cathay Pacific 747s

Sat Jan 23, 1999 1:26 am

Has anyone flown on a Cathay Pacific 747? Was it a good flight and was the aircraft clean and in good working condition?
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RE: Cathay Pacific 747s

Sat Jan 23, 1999 2:12 am

I flew from KUL to Hong Kong in early July 98. The flight was on a CX330. It was fine, apart from one ear of my headphones was dead. The plane B-HLK, seemed to be in good working order apart from the strange clunking noise that the undercarriage made. I've more recently heard that both 330s and 340s have the same strange noises.
My only problem with the flights (I flew back to Malaysia) was to do with the teething problems of the new airports.
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RE: Cathay Pacific 747s

Sat Jan 23, 1999 2:35 am

I've flown Cathay Pacific 747's about 5 times. Mostly 747-400's but once or twise a 747-300.

The interior is great with a personal video screen in each seat. You got a few channles and a few pretty lame games like Hangman but it's still better than nothing. I once flew Hong Kong-Paris on a CX 747-400 that didn't have the personal video screens and that turned out to be a pretty boring flight. The FA's are always very nice though and snacks of differnt kinds are offered thoughout the flight. I'd rate CX the second best airline in terms of service with SIA as nr one.

I remeber CX always plays some soft music before takeoff and after landing. It's always the same tune and it's really relaxing. I've never heard anything like it - it's great. I'd like to have a recording of it at home but I have no idea where to find the music.

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RE: Cathay Pacific 747s

Sat Jan 23, 1999 2:49 pm

l have flown on CX 747's several times. First flight was a 200 series, and the rest have all been 400's. All flights were magic, A/C were clean and the service was fantastic. My first trip into HKG with CX, the captain invited me for the landing into Kia Tak. l'll never foget that one..
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