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ERJ 145 Flight Report

Wed Mar 29, 2000 11:49 pm

Can anyone tell something about flying ERJ 145, I mean it`comfort, noise etc. Is it similar to B737?

RE: ERJ 145 Flight Report

Thu Mar 30, 2000 5:21 am

There is no way you can compare the ERJ 145 to the B737 because it's (the ERJ 145) such a much smaller aircraft. It is quite and comfortable I recently flew on a ERJ 145 operated by Rio Sul in Brasil.

If you wnat to know more interiors and such check out the website http://www.embraer.com

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RE: ERJ 145 Flight Report

Thu Mar 30, 2000 5:36 am

It is a tiny small jet, that I do not personally like but quite charming after all.
It has very small overheads (only on the right side). Surely you will be granted a window or an aisle seat (there's no other choice). Seats are pretty cramped, but if you get those by the emergency exit (row 11 on BA if I am not wrong) it will be great.
It is not particulary noisy, but sometimes very cold or very hot inside.
It is a sort of "love or hate" airliners. Definitely worth a ride!
Hope it helps.
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RE: ERJ 145 Flight Report

Thu Mar 30, 2000 7:55 am

recently i flew a EM4 AF(operated by regional) 2 hours times flight between MAD and NCE , i was on 03C great fligth , confortable ,quite and digital panel!!!

great plane for the pilots
you want pix about EM4