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Interesting Day At TYS!

Mon Feb 14, 2005 7:11 am

This morning an ASA CRJ operating a TYS-TPA flight had to return because the cabin was not pressurized; also, the air conditioning system overheated and caused smoke in the cockpit. After the plane was fixed, everyone reboarded. Then, one of those TPA pax passed out and the medics had to get on the plane to help him... Seems like a cursed flight!

Interestingly, I was talking to a lady who made a connection in TYS! She was flying TPA-TYS-DTW. (TPA-TYS DL connection, TYS-DTW NW airlink) With the Delta/Northwest codeshare, those TPA flights have been giving people some weird connections. I only know of a few other times when this happened. Around Xmas, a lady was flying MYR-CLT-CVG, but the CLT-CVG cancelled. Usairways rebooked her to overnight in TYS and then fly TYS-CVG... but that cancelled do to all of the Comair mess... Has anyone ever made a connection in an exhilarating place like TYS?

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