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Delta Fleet Status

Thu Mar 30, 2000 6:10 am


Go here for Delta's current (at least as of Dec 31, 1999)
fleet including owned/leased a/c as well as all the Delta Connection a/c.

Looks like they still have 26 L-1011s

AND- That if you include the Delta Connection a/c in the fleet count, they operate 782 a/c.
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RE: Delta Fleet Status

Thu Mar 30, 2000 6:42 am

You do have to take into account numerous accounts as of right now:

Comair and ASA are going to order a ton of CRJ's (Yeah!)
Delta continues to get more 777s and 737-800s, and the 764s are coming soon
L-1011's are disappearing fast.

That list is nearly four months old.