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For All Airline Ground Crews

Thu Feb 17, 2005 2:16 pm

Too all other airline ground crews out there. I was sent this through my email at work and knew that this poem puts together so well the life of an airline employee.

Airline Agent Achilles

Passengers come and passengers go

They see us for only a moment or so

And we must make sure

That the view's not obscure

To try to stand out as they leave us below

It seems that the world is so different today

The things used against us to help chip away

At kindness and sympathy

Fellowship, empathy

Often ignored and the passengers say

You were rude and uncaring the way you mistreated

The way you ignored us and left us unseated

Your precious live cargo

As if you'd embargo

What's keeping your airline afloat, undefeated

Continue to serve us as ultimate slaves

Whatever we wish you must handle to save

Your job though we know

How abusive we go

Through airports on planes and than back to our caves

Day after day agents travel this mile

To cater to passengers always to smile

And thank them for being

Uncaring, unseeing

But sometimes, often, feeling worth while

For once sometimes twice sometimes three times a day

A passenger left all alone on delay

Will walk up, express

Relief from distress

Give thanks and great praises and often will say

That we made a difference in their precious lives

That without our help their children, their wives

Their husbands and mothers

Fathers and brothers

Sisters and families could not have survived

The hardships caused by a weather delay

Or maintenance, or ATC knowingly may

Have caused weddings to fall

Funerals to stall

The passengers see how we've chosen to stay

On the task of making a pleasant true gift

Of our time and our talents to help them as if

They were the most cared

For friends that we dared

To suspect once they leave that we would be missed.



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RE: For All Airline Ground Crews

Thu Feb 17, 2005 8:30 pm

Well Written.
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