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Arpey Lists American's Savings For Analysts

Fri Feb 18, 2005 2:53 pm

Would be nice for the worlds largest air carrier to go in the black, even though I still think some of their business practices suck and they are not competitive enough on their fares (soon to be platinum member, so I don't need any "anti-AA" flaming here)

"American Airlines' top executive said the carrier will score some big savings this year with changes to on-board food and flight crew schedules, and will earn substantial revenue from adding seats back to airplanes.

Gerard Arpey, chief executive of Fort Worth-based American, told Wall Street analysts Thursday that 2005 will likely be another difficult year for the world's largest airline. But several programs, announced last year, will provide a few hundred millions dollars in relief, he said."

rest of the story could be found at..

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