Legend Airlines - I'm Impressed!

Fri Mar 31, 2000 12:32 pm

Have a look at this airline's linerior.

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Photo © Barry Crawford

I heard the hype - a new "Quality" airline but was very sceptical about it's fleet of ratty old DC-9s. When I saw this photo - I knew I was wrong. Maybe this airline is Midwest Express II

Even their website is impressive considering they've only just started!

Compare it with the other "Quality" potential start up - Crystal Airways It is nowhere near as good, although the airline it's self does have some interesting ideas.

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I Agree

Fri Mar 31, 2000 1:05 pm

The interior looks very comfy. I hope they succeed but who knows. They are in Americans turf.
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RE: Legend Airlines - I'm Impressed!

Fri Mar 31, 2000 1:06 pm

Legend definitly did do a great job with the interiors of their DC-9's. The seats look great (a little plain on the backside, but still good), and the sidewalls and overhead bins look even better (717-style)! GO LEGEND!

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RE: Legend Airlines - I'm Impressed!

Fri Mar 31, 2000 1:29 pm

I'm not sold on Crystal Airways.

Legend Airlines has a much more realistic plan. Crystal is more like a pipe dream.

I've called their "headquarters" and it was the "CEO"'s house. His toddler answered the phone!

The Legend interior looks much more spacious than MidwestEx. Could this be?


RE: Legend Airlines - I'm Impressed!

Fri Mar 31, 2000 2:55 pm

I will be even more impressed when they actually start services, seeing that they have already delayed their start up date (for conflicting reasons within the media).
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RE: Legend Airlines - I'm Impressed!

Fri Mar 31, 2000 3:32 pm

I hope Legend suceeds in the airline biz. I hope that AA doesn't force them out of business. I already hate them for getting rid of the nice Reno scheme. American needs to learn from airlines like Legend. Preferably a new paint job wouldn't be too bad.

RE: Legend Airlines - I'm Impressed!

Fri Mar 31, 2000 5:10 pm

AA will do its damndest to keep Legend down but Legend has one thing that other startups do not have: a major FF program---Legend participates in Delta's Skymiles FF plan and this is a great reason to fly Legend for Dallas O&D pax who are Skymilers. How is it that no other startup has ever thought of this idea.

The a/c looks absolutely fab as well.

Barnaby--- Correction

Fri Mar 31, 2000 11:21 pm

Hey Barnaby-

Actually, Frontier uses Continental's OnePass program as tehy always have. They are based in Denver.

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RE: Legend Airlines - I'm Impressed!

Sat Apr 01, 2000 6:07 am

Hey Y'all! Well i say best of luck to Legend!!! I hitnk there interiors are more spacious then Midwest Express's DC-9-30s because Legend can only have so many seats on a plane to be able to fly out of Dallas Love Field. Well gotta go now!
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