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Airlines With Mainline Jets Into Nantucket

Fri Feb 25, 2005 3:44 pm

Over the years, Nantucket Island (ACK) has seen a wide variety of airlines with mainline service. Please help me fill in the blanks.

In the early 70's, after the NE merger, DL flew jets into ACK.

In the 80's, New York Air had DC9's from BOS and LGA.

In the late 80's, CO flew 737's and 727's to LGA and EWR (depending on the year). Interestingly, for a while, the flight, though mainline, flew with a express flight number. I worked for Bar Harbor (CO/EA express) at the time. I was able to take that 737 for free becasue it was under the Express portfolio.

In the early 90's, AA had MD80's to LGA.

Any others?
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