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Help Me Book My Flight From VT,USA To BRE

Sat Feb 26, 2005 8:50 am

Well, it was confirmed by my father a few hours ago that he will be off his guard duty serving in Kuwait and can meet my mother, grandmother and myself in Germany. My mother's side is over there. We are looking at June 20th-July 1st.
Our departure airports are either Montreal or Burlingon, VT.
Arrival airport is Bremen, Germany.
Any suggestions.
So far I have found:
YUL-FRA-BRE on Air Canada/Luft
YUL-MUC-BRE on Air canada/luft
YUL-CDG-BRE on Air France

and then Burlington looks more expensive, with flights to ORD,BOS, JFK etc
My factors are based on airline, aircraft, and airport, but please keep prices in mind. Have fun, thanks!