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New Airline

Sun Apr 02, 2000 4:28 am

Hello everyone:

My first day of Spring Break has been wonderful after one long, hard semester. To the point! For my Biz/Econ class in school, in two weeks. we will be starting a project about two months in duration where we must design and operate a fictional business. My group and I have decided to start an airline based here in Los Angeles, with flights up and down the West Coast, focusing on LAX and SFO for the majority of our flights. The boundaries would be Vancouver in the North, Denver in the East, and Mazatlan in the South.

Our idea:
Use a fleet of MD-88's, configured for 130-135 all Economy Class passengers. The seats would be situated in the typical 5-abreast pattern, however legroom would be increased to between 38 and 39 inches throughout the cabin. Each seat would be equipped with EmPower laptop connections, and 3-channel PTV's showing CNN [live], a TV comedy [live], and NBC In The Air. Service onboard would be hot meals (we've timed it perfectly) for all flights, excluding those after 8:00pm.

Fares would be competitive if not lower to what the competition (UA, AS, WN, and to a lesser extent, AA) offers (we would comparatively have very little overhead).

So, what do you think? Would it do well in the real world?


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RE: New Airline

Sun Apr 02, 2000 4:38 am

What you are suggesting is more or less what the new airline JetBlue aspires to be. However they have better (more passenger room) airplanes in the A320.
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RE: New Airline

Sun Apr 02, 2000 5:03 am

If you could get rid of Shuttle by United and Southwest I'd say you'd have a good chance. Having all that service that you plan to offer costs money though. However, you might get the fancy of the business people traveling those routes. So maybe.......it's worth a shot.
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RE: New Airline

Sun Apr 02, 2000 5:28 am

You could try selling direct through the web, to cut costs and travel agency commission. Easyjet in the UK does this very successfully. Good luck!!