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Aircraft Separation

Thu Mar 03, 2005 4:44 am

Does anyone(Possibly and ATC controller) know how often aircraft land and take off at an airport like ATL, especially now that Delta has around 1000 flights. Does anyone know what a runway would max out on for daily departures or arrivals.
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RE: Aircraft Separation

Thu Mar 03, 2005 4:49 am

I think the standard is every 2min on arrivals for DFW in rush hour. My mom's first cousin was (may still be) the airport manager at Alliance in Fort Worth, Texas. He told me the 2min rule in 2000, things may have changed for departures after the AA587 crash on the Rockaways in Queens, New York in 2001.

The ATC working the tower at Alliance was transferred from DFW because he had problems with spacing for takeoffs. Alliance had next-to-no traffic then, just WN pilots practicing IFR landings after midnight.
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