Boeing 757-300

Sun Apr 02, 2000 6:29 am

Hi. I know that Condor and Icelandair have ordered the stretched 757, which I think is a beautifull aicraft. But does anybody know of any other carriers that have ordered this aircraft, and is there any hope to see a 300 at OSL (except from Icelandair)? I'm hoping to see one there.


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RE: Boeing 757-300

Sun Apr 02, 2000 6:32 am

Arkia in Israel has B757-300. The charter airlines flies to europe for charter service. They also operate 737 and 752.
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RE: Boeing 757-300

Sun Apr 02, 2000 6:33 am

JMC has ordered some 753's. It's on Alirliner World of April.

Correction To Mirage

Sun Apr 02, 2000 6:43 am

I just checked the Airliner World issue you mentioned. As far as I can see, JMC hasn't ordered the 753, but they're considering ordering two examples, and they're hoping to make a decision in the nearest future. So they haven't ordered them yet.

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JMC <b>HAS</b> Ordered 757-300s

Sun Apr 02, 2000 7:15 am

JMC Airlines have now ordered 2 Boeing 757-300s for delivery in April 2001 and have taken options on 3 more. The deal was announced a couple of weeks ago, after the Boeing sales tour 


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RE: Boeing 757-300

Sun Apr 02, 2000 10:07 am

American and Cntinental have placed orders for 757-300 and I think Condor Have placed orders for the new 757-300. A very beautiful aircraft indeed.

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Sun Apr 02, 2000 6:10 pm

You say that you think Condor have ordered the 757-300. I know they have. They were the launch customer.
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Arkia Israel Chater Airlines

Sun Apr 02, 2000 6:25 pm

Here in my Israel, there are already 2! 753 on service by Arkia, the company uses them on charter lines to EU cities. and also to Eilat (ETH). my uncle flew this plane two weeks ago, on ETH-TLV route, he said it a very very long plane!!!!!!! but nice and new as well. time of flight was 30+- min'
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RE: Arkia Israel Chater Airlines

Sun Apr 02, 2000 6:35 pm

American and Continental don´t have any 753 on order.

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