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Aircraft Homes

Sun Apr 02, 2000 10:12 am

Anyone ever done it ot got any comments about doing it. I would love to live in a B 747 100 with wings and engines etc. That would be great. I found a great site:

Jeremiah Teahan
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RE: Aircraft Homes

Sun Apr 02, 2000 10:48 am

Make sure it isn't an Airbus if you want it to last a few years.
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RE: Aircraft Homes

Sun Apr 02, 2000 10:59 am

That comment was unnecessary. Also, look in the either March or April issue of Airways. It has a very indepth article about this in it.
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I've Blueprinted 2 747-100 Versions

Sun Apr 02, 2000 12:54 pm

I've always wanted to use a 747-100 or -200 for this purpose, and have two blueprints that I did for it. One has two master suites, one of which is on the upper deck and in the nose, the other just has one, which is only in the nose (the upper deck is a library). There is TONS of space aboard those things. I wouldn't, however, have it up on stilts like the one pictured on the website posted, I'd secure the landing gear into a mound of dirt that would put it exactly as far above the ground as it would be if it were standing on it's gear, then I'd dig a whole under it into that hill between the main and front gear and build in a garage... the fuselage's go for around $100,000.

RE: I've Blueprinted 2 747-100 Versions

Sun Apr 02, 2000 1:37 pm

I have thought about this but I would have it so I could still fly it too so if i was a commuter I could just take my house with me and just land there except it would get to be a little expensive. I have also thought aobut haveing a night club on one that takes off at like 9:00 and lands at 2:00 or maybe even a casino if it already hasnt been done.