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Are There Any Marketing Jobs At Airports?

Mon Mar 07, 2005 3:27 am

Just wondering if there were any Marketing jobs or public relation jobs at airports?

And if so, what sort of tasks did they involve? Thanks.
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RE: Are There Any Marketing Jobs At Airports?

Mon Mar 07, 2005 12:44 pm

Both positions exist at my home aerodrome, D/FW.

The Marketing chief is trying to get a new airline in to compete with AA. He's not having much luck, can't even give away Delta's old gates.

The Public Affairs position is the airport's interface to the press and the community. I attended an affair where he spoke and found his talk to be most enjoyable.

Good Luck.
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RE: Are There Any Marketing Jobs At Airports?

Mon Mar 07, 2005 6:51 pm

There's much more to running an airport than airlines and airliners. There are millions of customers, hundreds of suppliers, quite a few competitors (usually), annoying government officials and basically anything you can think of.

Therefore, there's a great need for both marketing specialists and PR people at airports.

PR staff is in charge of all press relations, issuing press reports, special announcements and dealing with special occasions - both good and bad (good being celebration of a new terminal, and bad being malfunctions and disasters of all sorts).

Marketing personnel would concentrate on making the airport as profitable as possible. Although we may not see airports as "businesses", they actually are, and must be operated as such - even if they're government owned. Marketing an airport, you'll negotiate advertising campaigns, sell advertising spots within the airports, lease business areas for shops and services, launch special deals, cooperate with airlines and so on. Basically, you'll do anything possible to achieve your goals, and much more. Try being as creative and open minded as possible and yet realistic and cautious.