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CO Trijets

Sun Apr 02, 2000 11:23 pm

How long will CO be operating their DC-10's and MD-11's? If they are getting rid of them, what will they give them up for? More 777's?
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RE: CO Trijets

Mon Apr 03, 2000 12:50 am

CO has never operated any MD-11s. For the most part the DC-10s will be replaced with 777s although I know CO has 767-200s and 400s arriving soon too and I'm not really sure where those will fit into the schedule.
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RE: CO Trijets

Mon Apr 03, 2000 4:16 am

Continental Airlines never operated the MD-11's, and as for the DC-10's they should be all phased out within 2yrs. The DC-10's will be replaced with a mixed fleet of B777's, 767-200's, and 767-400's.
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RE: CO Trijets

Mon Apr 03, 2000 11:16 am

Do you think they will use the 777 on any hawaii routes, or will they stick with the 767 for that?
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RE: CO Trijets

Mon Apr 03, 2000 12:05 pm

CO's fleet plan shows the DC-10s will be around in declining numbers until 2003. According to the plan, 11 DC-10s will be retired this year, 7 next year, 4 in 2002 and 6 in 2003. With the Boeing strike delaying 767 deliveries, the rate of DC-10 retirements will probably change.

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