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Why Not More EI Codeshares?

Tue Mar 08, 2005 4:33 am

Considering how many Irish passengers connect onto QF (and to a lesser extent CX) flights in European airports such as FRA or AMS why do the EI flights from DUB-AMS and DUB-FRA not carry CX or QF flight numbers? Also, since AA flight numbers are placed on EI flights from Ireland to USA, why not the other way around on the new AA flights to Ireland?
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RE: Why Not More EI Codeshares?

Tue Mar 08, 2005 6:30 am

Aer Lingus have never been as good at codesharing as BMI for example. The list of codeshares in the past is abysmal;

American - several US destinations
Hamburg Airlines - Hamburg
Finnair - Stickholm and Helsinki
British Airways - Bristol and Newcastle
Iberia - Barcelona
Air Engiadina - Geneva

If you look at BMI where regularly BHD and other flights can have multiple flight numbers from Star carriers, you have to wonder could EI not do the same into ORK and DUB as well as outwards. When completing work placement with EI 6 years ago CSA just began operations from Prague into DUB. I was interested to hear from some of the operations figures I met that they believed there was no market and expected it to flop hence the lack of a codeshare then. Its just a lack of foresight. I suppose the loco emphasis also doesnt lend itself to codeshares.