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Share Your Emergancy Landings Stories!

Mon Apr 03, 2000 5:32 am

In my days of flying I have had two emergency landings. One on TWA from JFK to Amsterdam after takeoff the pilots relized the emergency back up air supply wasn't working so we made a emergency landing back at JFk and at dinner at the gate back where we started. Also in Honolulu we were flying American to Maui and the front wheel wouldn't lock in place and the pilot wanted a longer runway so we flew over Maui's airport and back to Honolulu where I got a neat picture of a MD-11 with it's wheel up on the ground.
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My Emergency Landing

Mon Apr 03, 2000 1:40 pm

It was in a small plane, about 15 years ago, a De Havilland single Otter on skis. We were flying out to go ice fishing for the day and about 30 minutes into the flight there was this awful noise and the pilot shut the engine down. He said we would have to make an emergency landing. I thought this was really cool (I was about 10 or 12 at the time) but some of the other 9 people on board looked pretty scared.

We glided down to an uneventful landing, spent the day on the ice waiting to be picked up by another aircraft. The airline had to tow the plane back to town (about 50 or 60 miles).

A few years ago when I was working as a flight attendant for an airline, the same pilot who had flown the Otter that day started working for the airline as a 737 pilot. One day this nervous flyer came on board and told me that she was a bit scared about flying. She asked about our pilots. I told her "I've only ever been in one plane crash in my life, and the pilot who was flying then is flying the plane today. I'm still alive so I think that makes him a great pilot."

I'm not sure if that put her mind at ease.