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BA Crews To Ballot For Strike Action.

Tue Mar 08, 2005 8:21 pm

The trade union representing around 85% of British Airways cabin crews (BASSA Union) have announced today that they will ballot their members for industrial action. The row is centred on a pay rise, back dating to December 2003. Although the rise has been agreed between the management and BASSA union, BA management are insitant on the rise being linked to the unions acceptance of a new 'Attendance Management System' for cabin crew. This new system rewards employees financially who take less than a certain number of sick days per year. On the flip-side, there are harsher penalties for those who reach the 'trigger point' of sick days. The Cabin crew are the only workers within BA that have not signed up to the new company wide attendance management system. This is as we believe we cannot come to work with an illness such as a common cold, or following dental treatment where as an office worker can.

After several meetings at board level, it has been announced on the BASSA website today that they are in the process of sending Ballot Papers to members to vote on industrial action. It would affect BA long-haul flights from LHR and LGW and short-haul flights from LHR.
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RE: BA Crews To Ballot For Strike Action.

Tue Mar 08, 2005 8:44 pm

Monkeyboi, ground staff never agreed to the new attendance policy, we agreed to have the issue of attendance reviewed as part of the settlement last year and then were later informed that a new policy was in place. This became a serious issue for the staff and the union has reacted based on staff complaints. Management eventually agreed to review the policy after the unions indicated they would ballot staff over this issue. The outcome of the review is unknown at this time.

Hopefully management will realise that the needs of the frontline staff, ground and cabin crew, differ from those of office staff who have little or no contact with passengers. We have had situations on the ground where as a result of this new policy, many people were coming into the terminals with serious colds and flu and being forced to deal with passengers and also passing these on to other staff. I have personally seen situations where colleagues have been so sick, they could barely move, but were afraid of calling in sick. Such a situation does not serve the airline well.