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BA Pilot Recruiting Question

Wed Mar 09, 2005 2:55 pm

I saw the requirements for pilots to be between 5'2" and 6'3" at BA recruiting website. I was wondering why this is so? The flightdeck should be roomy enough to accomodate an individual who is as tall as the tallest NBA players. Seems to me I saw an AF pilot who was at least 6'6".

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RE: BA Pilot Recruiting Question

Wed Mar 09, 2005 3:04 pm

That is strange. I know most regional airlines have requirements for FAs, but I have never heard of that with pilots.
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RE: BA Pilot Recruiting Question

Wed Mar 09, 2005 8:15 pm

The cockpit and seats on airliners are ergonomically designed for the average sized person, which is why they have these requirements. The person within those limitations should be able to reach any buttons, leavers, pedals, etc without much hindrance. Seats and rudder pedals can be fine tuned to match the specific persons height/leg length as they have to provide a leeway to those people within that height range.
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