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Ryanair IN SPAIN: Subsidies Again

Fri Mar 11, 2005 3:59 pm

A Galician newspaper says today that the Galician Regional Government is going to pay up to 3.8 million euro for the opening of new FR routes from Santiago de Compostela (SCQ). The City Council and the Chamber of Commerce will add another 0.5 million. The first FR route (SCQ-STN) begins in April and it seems that they are considering another one to Hahn (Frankfurt area).

I am personally against subsidies of this kind, but on the other hand I appreciate FR because of their low prices. Thus, I am being subsidized indirectly by this regional (and other) governments when I fly but, also, Ryanair is paying somehow its new 738 with a little-little bit of my taxes... What a crazy world!


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