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AC And IND...

Tue Apr 04, 2000 5:16 am

Does anyone know if and when Air Canada will begin service to/from IND??

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RE: AC And IND...

Tue Apr 04, 2000 5:58 am

Sorry ATA757. no sign of such a route presently. Right now the fleet (combined) is maxed out and then some. Keep a heads up for when fleet expansion (not replacement) starts and who knows... < >
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RE: AC And IND...

Tue Apr 04, 2000 7:57 am

I'm sure that's one possible route they're looking into, but they've just stretched their capacity out into a major expansion and they still have a lot of older CP aircraft to replace, so it'll probably be a while before it happens. I think there's still a few other routes they may have their eyes on first, but when they get more RJ's I think they'll be looking at IND, probably about 2-5 years away is my guess.