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Loaded Gun Found On A Delta Plane

Tue Apr 04, 2000 6:03 am

The Orlando TV stations have been all over this story, but have not yet heard the story on any of the wire services.

A Delta 737 (flight #2395) en route from Islip, NY to Orlando made an unscheduled landing in Norfolk, Virginia Monday afternoon after a passenger found a loaded .38 in one of the planes restroom.

There are 52 passengers on board the plane, all of whom were questioned and frisked by federal agents in Norfolk.

They were all waiting to take off again, but the pilot refuses to fly unless he can have 2 armed federal marshalls on the plane.

The 6:00 newscasts in Orlando will bring us new information when it develops, but as of 6:00 p.m. this is the latest.