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Usairways TUG

Tue Apr 04, 2000 6:04 am

I was on a flight from PIT to MSP late Saturday night, upon landing we taxied to the gate but stopped short. The engines were turned off and a tug came and got us tugged us in about 20 - 30 feet. Can anyone explain why we needed a tug to go the last 20 - 30 feet? We did not have a tug in PIT or when we flew MSP to CLT on the 25 all in a 737 - 400.

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RE: Usairways TUG

Tue Apr 04, 2000 9:13 am


I think it was something wrong with hydraulic system. At IAD we had many times problem with nose-gear in B737-200 (MetroJet). When people from United (that time they were working as a contractors for USAirways) couldn't fix that problem in short period of time we had to tow that plane to remote parking and make space for incoming planes.

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Tue Apr 04, 2000 9:18 am

...It is because the USAirways gate at MSP is a very small area. So most pilots have the tug pull the plane into the gate.
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RE: Usairways TUG

Tue Apr 04, 2000 11:09 am

It's more common than you may think to tow an A/C into a congested gate area (the old LGA terminal was like that on some gates) or a ramp/gate area under construction in deference to jet blast concerns or equipment clutter. Yes,I've flown USairways into MSP and had to get towed in as well. No big deal.

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