second flight crew

Sun Jan 24, 1999 1:52 pm

Im just wondering how many hours pilot gets in the cockpit during long haul flights. I know that they have a second flight crew. How many hours pilots get before they swich to the other flight crew and if they swich back to the first flight crew.

Mike A

RE: second flight crew

Sun Jan 24, 1999 2:35 pm

It does not quiet work like that. They normally have:
1 captain
1 First Officer
1 Second Officer/ Flight engineer
1 third Officer.(with really long flights)
The captain and the FO take off. The second officer is normally in the biggening of his carrer so will the third.. When the captain is asleep the SO would take his place and then. When the FO goes to sleep the captain whatches over the SO or TO. So they basically rotate. They rarely carry a third officer normally it would be on flight 16 hours+. So with 3 people in the crew. When one is asleep the other fly the plane. The Second officer can not take off or land and just fly at 33,000 feet.

RE: second flight crew

Sun Jan 24, 1999 8:07 pm

On a long haul legs for UAL, an International Relief Pilot is carried aboard. During the 13 hour flight from JFK to NRT for instance, each pilot will take a one hour break and then a two hour break during the flight. The relief pilot's job is to fill in for these crew members on break. He may only do this during the cruise portion of the flight only and he is rated to fill any of the seats.
On a 13 hour flight, the average pilot will be in the saddle for approx. 10 of those hours.