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Aircraft Info Section.

Wed Apr 05, 2000 7:57 am

I'm Sorry! I probably shouldn't be asking this question here (although it is semi-aviation related) and forgive me if I have breeched any rules. I've tried emailing Johan countless times about this topic but get nowhere (but I do understrand that Johan must be a busy man having to maintain this entire web site). Anyways, here goes:
For almost a year now (more like 8 or 9 months) the Aircraft Info section of has been down saying it will be back up soon. Well, I don't know how long soon is supposed to be but I want to know. I loved that are of and I didn't get much of a chance to use it before it was taken down. WHEN WILL IT RETURN??

Please, someone give me a answer, I'm begging!!

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I Miss It Too (n/t)

Wed Apr 05, 2000 8:22 am

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An Old Complaint

Wed Apr 05, 2000 11:57 am

This has been posted several times before. However, you're forgiven, I'm not sure what Johan is up to, but I also miss that section. JOHAN - if you get this, at least let us know what's afoot, eh?
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RE: I'm Sorry!

Wed Apr 05, 2000 3:35 pm

Hi All

Well, there was a problem with the original database but don't will be returning.......just a lot of work that Johan has to do.

Gary Watt
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