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Runway Markings

Wed Apr 05, 2000 6:49 pm

Runways have all sorts of neat markings on them in the form of bars. There can be three parallel bars on each side, one thin or one thick, etc. They mark the threshold, touchdown zone, and what else? How are these markings used by the pilots? Does touchdown zone show where the wheels are supposed to contact, or is it the earliest or latest they are supposed to contact?

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RE: Runway Markings

Thu Apr 06, 2000 2:35 am

Markings give much information. The threshold markings can show the first couple of hundred feet, followed by individual centre-line markings two hundred feet apart, and each, and each (I think) 100 feet long. Fixed distance markings can show 1000 foot increments, interim distance markings can display 500 foot distances. Sideline markings can show first or last 3000 feet. Displaced threshold markings can use similar 200 foot spaced arrows with a threshold line/bar.

Markings for an instrument runway may differ slightly from a non-instrument runway.

Then there are taxiway markings.

Then there is Toronto International...

In Canada, details can be found in Transport Canada Publication "Aerodrome Standards and Recommended Practices (TP 312E)".

In the USA, see AIM Section 3, "Airport Marking Aids & Signs".
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RE: Runway Markings

Thu Apr 06, 2000 5:52 am

I noticed that on runways there's signs posted on the side like highways that have numbers like "1" "2"...etc.

Does this mean "thousand of feet" ?? In which there would be eleven signs on an 11,000 ft runway? Kind of like mile markers on a highway ?
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RE: Runway Markings Defined

Thu Apr 06, 2000 7:35 am

All airport signage and lighting requirements are set down by the FAA in what are called Advisory Circular's, or AC's for short.

On a typical air carrier runway, and I apologize for not having the AC on me, the beginning of the runway has the threshold markings on it (this is 2 sets of either 4 or 6 stripes-MSY has 6-on each side of the runway). I believe the stripes are 200' long. Each subsequent set of stripes down the runway is located 500' from the previous set (one set every 500'). Touchdown markings are located 1,000' down the runway. Depending on the length and instrumentation of the runway, these type of stripes can be found 3,000' down each end of the runway.

Of course, aside from the touchdown markings themselves, the stripes act as a warning to pilots coming from the other direction as to how much runway is left.

Distance to go markers (usually large white numerals on a black background) are located every 1,000' down the runway.

As for lighting, runway edge lighting is white, then turns red the last 1,000' of runway. Centerline lights are also white, but begin alternating red/white 3,000' from the end of the runway, and go all red 1,000' from the end.

I'll double check all this tomorrow at work.

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