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The Price Of Cab/Parking/Lodge Compared To Airfare

Thu Mar 24, 2005 12:21 pm

One thing that has really annoyed me as of late, is that I constantly hear of PAX pissing and moaning about the quality of service they recieve in the air. What about the rotten chicken smell you get in the Cab, or the ridiculous price of a room at any hotel near the airport and the surcharges associated with them? Why should you spend $10 dollars, at a minimum, per day for parking that you have to stand around for and wait for about an hour for transportation to the terminal?

I haven't flown much this year, since I've found a job that keeps me local, but why is the blame always on the Airline, not the airport, and their ridiculous fees they assign to cabs, rooms, and parking?

On a long weekend and this is a drunken rant, but I feel I'm making a valid point,

Flame if you must,